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Measurement of 12 pcs Srixon Z Star 3-piece contruction MADE IN IDONESIA

SRIXON Z STAR pure white is a 3-piece ball upper price range MADE IN INDONESIA.
Price seen in Internet is about USD 49 for 12 balls.


- o out of 12 Grade A
- 9 out of 12 Grade B
- 3 out of 12 Grade C

- 0 out of 12 Grade A
- 4 out of 12 Grade B
- 8 out of 12 Grade C

We recommend this model to be used in hobby tournament after they have been checked with GMBD. All in all the balls measured are at medium quality level. 8 balls out of 12 has Grade C deviation of roundness (red color marked in the diagram sheet).

The numbers at row T1 in the diagram are the quarter turns (shifts) on adjustment srew until the golf ball was movable into one direction at least (measurement of diameter). Next Row Displays the corresponding Diameter of the golf ball according to the diagram. Row T2 Displays the number of "shifts" made until the golf ball could be moved into all directions easily (measurement of roundness).