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Determine your own acceptable tolerance in diameter and roundness of your golf balls!
check your balls about Land of production!
for example: balls made in Indonesia are much less Quality as balls Made in Japan same Brand and same Model!

With the new unique GBMD (Golf Ball Measurement Device) you can check your golf balls for:

1. Minimum Diameter
2. Real Diameter
3. Roundness (most important!)
4. Compare your golf balls to each other!!
5. Set marker line right in the middle

We suggest you know about the importance of the correct diameter and roundness of a golf ball. We like to show you how you can measure it with the new GBMD without any specific technical knowledge at any time and at any place und we will decribe how you can use your GBMD to set a marker line right in the middle of your golf ball. 

The golf ball

The size and weight of a golf ball is defined in the Rules of Golf. The diameter of a golf ball is at least 42.67 mm (1.680 inches), the maximum weight is 45.93 grams (1.620 ounces) . If it is smaller or heavier than it conforms to the rules, it would give an unfair advantage to the Player, since the ball would go further with the same swing.

 Each production is subject to a certain manufacturing tolerance. The diameter of a golf ball should not drop below the minimum size of 42.67 mm. The diameter to be guaranteed from producer must match the production diameter minus the sum of all occurring tolerances in the manufacturing process.

  Example of a manufacturing faillure

About measurement

Official means of measuring of the USGA, the PGA of Europe, defined by R & A Rules Limited is a "gauge ". It is just a round metal plate with a hole at the size of the allowable minimum diameter at which the balls are tested in a given process. You can find the detailed process in the download area. According to the definition of the R & A Rules Limited, only the minimum diameter is checked on the samples provided by the manufacturer. Later some balls of the regular series are checked. However, these samples are too rare to make a real continuous control.

The purpose of the GBMD

Starting from the athletic and mental task of optimizing your game through the repetition of the swing we've made it our mission to enable you to check and measure the diameter and the roundness of your new, and also your used golf balls.

With your new GBMD (Golf Ball Measurement Device) you have purchased a precision product made of stainless steel, with which you can check the size and the production accuracy of any golf balls easy, quick, at any place and without prior technical knowledge.