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Measurement results

Please compare the measurements! You will be excited about the big difference in Quality especially SRIXON ZStar MADE IN INDONESIA compared to SRIXON ZStar XV MADE IN JAPAN! (SAME PRICE!)

Mizumo JPX 5-piece mulity-layer controction. Measurement of 12 golf balls

Measurement of 12 pcs NIKE 20XI Tour level 

Measurement of 12 pcs VICE Tour 3-piecel

Measurement of 12 pcs Srixon Z Star XV 3-piece MADE IN JAPAN

Measurement of 12 pcs Srixon Z Star 3-piece MADE IN INDONESIA

Measurement of 12 pcs Taylormade Tour Preferred X 5 Layer Golfball 2016 TOP!!!

Measurement of 12 pcs Titleist Pro V1 3 Layer Golfball 2016 NEW!

All measurements published here on this page have been performed at room temperature of about 70° F. The Temperatur of the golf ball has significant influence to the mesurement. For example if the temperature is at 5° F the Diameter of the ball decreases by about 0.15 mm while the Diameter increases by about another 0.08 mm at a temperature of 90° F. For this reason the mesurement of the Diameter is strongly dependent on the temperature. The mesurement of the minimum diameter according to the rules of golf have to be performed at a minimum temperature of 70° F, while the measurement of the roundness can also be performed at different temperatures as Long as they are higher than approximately 50° F.

9° F deviacion of the temperature results in app. 0,03 mm difference in Diameter. Golf balls with more than 2 pc. Style do have significant less deviation in Diameter.

The summary of each measurement we display here in this sector is our personnel and individual opinion. Each user of the GBMD is requested to check for his own acceptabel diameter and roundness of the golf balls he likes to play for practice or tournament.

Basically the roudness of a golf ball is more imortant as the size. Roundness causes influence on direction and spin while bigger size just causes less range.

Please see below sample measurement of a medium quality golf ball. The difference between T1 and Tmax determines the quality of roundness T2.